About us


Created in April 2012, Cabinet LUERN is a firm of patent and trademark attorneys and an authorised representative before the main industrial property offices such as INPI, OHMI and OMPI.

Our field of expertise covers all the areas of industrial property: patent, drawing and model, trademark, domain name, other distinctive signs (company name, designation of origin and indication of source), but also of literary and artistic property: copyrights, related rights.

The purpose of our profession is to build, to size and to integrate intellectual property as a prime mover in the creation, development or growth of your company or your project.
As such, we are a reliable partner and will gladly get involved in all the aspects of intellectual property (strategy of protection, acquisition of rights, monitoring, licensing, partnerships).

Regardless whether you are a very small company, a medium-sized company, a start-up or a public authority, we assist you in the definition of your requirements, by laying the foundations of your future perspectives.

The human-scale, dynamic and responsive structure of our firm is such that we consider intellectual property first and foremost as an instrument for creating wealth at the service of our clients. Consequently, we offer bespoke guidance suited to our clients' budget and requirements through dedicated closeness as well as sustainable partnerships.